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Mixed Reality for Quest 3 NOW Available
NO VR PC Needed.
NOTE: For VR models you will need a VR Ready PC. For the Mixed Reality models, all you need is a Quest 3 and any working PC with an internet connection.
Just look for "Mixed Reality" next to the model name on the SHOP page.

Please READ Before Purchasing

All digital products purchased here are final. Before
purchasing, make sure that you have used the Free Sample file provided in the link

Click Here to Download the Free Sample File and Instructions

Also Make sure that you have the following:

  • Meta Quest 2 or Quest 3 (other PC VR headsets like the HTC VIVE may work,
    however please test by using the Free Sample file provided in the link above before
    purchasing if you’re using anything other than a Quest 2)
  • A VR Ready PC with at least Windows 10 and Direct X End User Runtime installed. Here is a link to My PC Specs. I recommend using a PC at least as powerful as mine however if not, just make sure that the test file works.
  • If you are using a Meta Quest 2 or 3, make sure that you have Oculus Airlink
    or a Meta Quest Link Cable and can run the test file included in the Link
    Below. This should If you can run this test file, you are good to go!
As a safety Measure, please make sure you properly set your physical Parameter on your Meta Quest headset while using Airlink as well as
making sure that you have enough Link Cable length according to your needs when
using these products.

Once you have successfully tested, go ahead and click the
“Shop” link. ENJOY!!

This is just the beginning, I plan to make these better and better in the future. Check out the preview videos below of what’s available now.

For those who also have an appreciation for really nice Glutes, check out the link to my other store below:

All Models Featured on this website were created to be above the age of 18 years old with NO EXCEPTIONS!!

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